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Webinar Overview

Digital transformation has been the hot topic around business continuity within the last few months. As a result of the remote work associated with COVID-19, life science compliance functions have realized the rapid acceleration of the need for digitization to execute an effective compliance program, while meeting evolving government expectations. Industry leaders will discuss strategies, tools, and tactics to build a data-driven compliance function spanning the breadth of an organization's activities - in a cost-effective approach. The first session will introduce the concept of transforming compliance data to embark on the journey of a forward-thinking compliance program, regardless of size or maturity: "Where do we start and where do we want to go?". The second will discuss key components that are recommended for compliance programs to thrive in a tele-compliance environment: "How do we get there?"

Session 2 will feature Michael Clarke, Christie Camelio and Jenny McVey, with John Auerbach, and Michael Jelen as moderators, to discuss Compliance Program Digital Transformation what skills, strategies, and tactics are needed from compliance teams in the "new normal" of a remote compliance environment? During this webinar, our panel will address the following areas:

  • How should education and training be tailored to a remote working environment?
  • What new skills are needed and how can they be cultivated in compliance teams?
  • What needs to change in compliance monitoring to remain effective without face-to-face interaction?

What Is a Webinar?

It is a live event available on-line as a Zoom video presentation that includes an interactive question and answer period. Individual access can be purchased, or group access for up to 3 or more participants at one site using one log-in. During the live Webinar participants will be able to ask questions and make comments. The Webinar faculty has agreed to take follow-up questions via email. Pharma and Medical Device Ethics & Compliance Webinars are simple, accessible, cost effective and reach a broad audience locally.

Who Should Listen:

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Health Care Executives and Board Members, Healthcare Compliance Professionals, Health Plan, Health System and Physician Organization Medical Directors, Physicians, Pharmacists, Purchasers, including Private Employers and Public Manufacturers, Generic Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Site Management Organizations, Clinical Research Organizations, Pharmacy Benefit Management Companies, Health Plans and Health Insurers , Wholesale, Retail, Mail Order and Internet Pharmacies, Health Care Attorneys and In-house Counsel, Compliance Officers, Privacy Officers, Ethics Officers, Food and Drug Law Attorneys, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Consultants, Investment Bankers, Venture Capitalists, Health Care Regulators and Policy Makers, Health Services Researchers and Academics, Health Care Auditors.

Webinar Materials:

All Faculty Materials will be Posted on the Pharma Webinar website: in downloadable PDF Formats.

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