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Audioconference Overview

Pharmaceutical Drug Pricing and Reporting Issues

The audioconference will focus on drug pricing and reporting issues. The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is currently under intense scrutiny by various governmental enforcement and oversight organizations regarding drug price reporting practices under the Medicaid, Public Health Service (PHS), Veterans Administration (VA (Non-FAMP)), State Assistance and Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) programs. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that only months before a new law that will dramatically escalate government spending on drugs becomes effective, state and federal prosecutors are investigating 150 cases that involve alleged pricing fraud by some of the world's largest drug makers and could produce more than $1 billion in criminal fines and civil penalties this year. These cases are part of an expanding industry wide investigation of pharmaceutical pricing that has produced a number of lawsuits currently under seal in courts around the country. The cases are understood to be focused on allegations that drug companies cheat state and federal health-care programs by inflating prices, offering undisclosed rebates to distributors or marketing drugs for unapproved uses.

What Is an Audioconference?

It is a live event that includes session handouts, an interactive question and answer period, and access for an unlimited number of participants at each call-in site. However, only one site can be offered per registration. It is impermissible for an organization to purchase one registration and to operate multiple sites through an internal telephone system. During the live Audioconference participants will be able to ask questions and make comments. The Audioconference faculty has agreed to take follow-up questions via email. Pharma Summit Audioconferences are simple, accessible, cost effective and reach a broad audience locally.

Who Should Listen:

Pharmaceutical and Health Care Executives and Board Members, Healthcare Compliance Professionals, Health Plan, Health System and Physician Organization Medical Directors, Physicians, Pharmacists, Purchasers, including Private Employers and Public Manufacturers, Generic Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Site Management Organizations, Clinical Research Organizations, Pharmacy Benefit Management Companies, Health Plans and Health Insurers , Wholesale, Retail, Mail Order and Internet Pharmacies, Health Care Attorneys and In-house Counsel, Compliance Officers, Privacy Officers, Ethics Officers, Food and Drug Law Attorneys, Pharmaceutical Consultants, Investment Bankers, Venture Capitalists, Health Care Regulators and Policy Makers, Health Services Researchers and Academics, Health Care Auditors.

Audioconference Materials:

All Faculty Materials will be Posted on the Pharma Audioconference website: in downloadable PDF Formats.

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